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Kaare Danielsens chess programs

Garry Kasparov präsentiert Scisys

Question by 'hard in 2003: Kaare, could you please tell me, in which chess computers your programs are inside?

Kaare Danielsen: I did two chess programs before I retired from Computer Chess, my 16K program was actually the second one. The first one was a 4K program which has been used in a lot of computers, and is still in production. It was first used in the SciSys Explorer, SciSys Concord and SciSys Companion II, then in CXG Enterprise S and CXG Star Chess and a couple of other computers. Today it is used in all the Lexibook computers (Lexibook took over Yeno a couple of years ago). It is amazing that it is still in production 20 years after the first model.

The 16K program is not in production anymore. It was used in the CXG Advanced Star Chess, CXG Super Enterprise and some other computers.

Auszug aus dem Resume for Kaare Danielsen, Ph.D.

1981 3rd place at the European Micro Computer Chess Championships and 5th place at the World Micro Computer Chess Championships.

Founded the company LogiSoft ApS and developed a 4K chess computer , which was sold in approximately 200.000 units, and a 16K chess computer, which was sold in approximately 50.000 units. The 16K chess computer was one of the best 16K chess computers at the time, and the 4K chess computer is still the strongest 4K chess computer in the world. My work with chess computers has given me a lot of experience with development of mass-market software, where the quality requirements are extreme. For instance, my contracts stated that I had to pay the cost of making new masks, approximately 5000 dollars, if any bugs were found in my programs. My contract also stated that I was not entitled to any pay at all, if my programs were not finished in time for the Christmas sale.


Wrote the book Turbo GameWorks. The book included a diskette with programs for playing chess, Bridge and Go-Moku. Borland International no longer sells Turbo Gameworks, but the chess program is included as an example program together with Turbo Pascal and Borland C++.

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