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Welcome to Schachcomputer.info - Wiki
   A project of the schachcomputer.info community

The Schachcomputer.info-Wiki came into existence as a result of many requests from Community Members Schachcomputer.info Community, our hardened dedicated chess computer fans. Based on the principles of Wikipedia, it is possible for every site visitor or community member to add their knowledge and experience to this site. In fact, we welcome your knowledge and experiences. Let us share your knowledge with fans around the world!

Absolutely everything to do with dedicated chess computers has a place in our Wiki!

Of course such a project can only succeed through the voluntary work of people who have an interest in our hobby, have ideas, theories or knowledge about our hobby and who want to be part of creating the foremost knowledge base for dedicated chess computers in the world. Future chess generations and hobbyists will thank us for this!

Your entries however small is welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Statistic: Currently there are 6.347 Pages created in various Themes, of which 1.299 are counted as Main Article Entries.

Which I should consider?

If you want to create a new entry, rework an existing entry or add to an existing entry, you should first look in the Overviews. Don’t forget to place any corresponding Page Links here. Otherwise it will be difficult for visitors to find or follow your work. Examples are provided in all areas which you can use as a guide. Assistance for your Entry creations can be found in the Help section. For easy creation of Chess Computer Infoboxes go to Vorlage_Infoboxen. You can also find more information and templates in our Help Section.

Do not hesitate to correct mistakes and add missing information. If possible, uploaded images should not exceed 5 MB in size. JPG/JPEG, GIF or PNG formats are optimal. Chess diagrams can be created very easily using templates. There is also a tool to quickly generate chess games in PGN format for replay.

Have fun in creating your Wiki entries!

What should I consider?

A list of all the entry points can be found in the


Springer left.jpg Some examples:

Springer right.jpg
Via Chess Computer Overview

or directly from for example Mephisto Supermini

Via Manufacturer Overview

or directly from for example Mephisto

Via Programmer Overview

or directly from for example Frans Morsch

Or you can jump in directly from here:

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