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About the company Hegener & Glaser (Mephisto)

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1969 established in Munich by Manfred Hegener and Florian Glaser for the production of semi-conductors
1978 the Programmers Thomas Nitsche & Elmar Henne came into contact with H+G
1980 the "Mephisto" Tradename was created. The Brikett –the first German Chess Computer- programmed by Thomas Nietsche & Elmar Henne, appeared in the Stores.
1983 "Mephisto" is synonymously known in Germany for dedicated chess computers
1984 with Richard Lang and his Psion chess (Winner of WMCCC 1984 in Glasgow) began a long series of World Championship successes.
1990 the market for high priced chess computers collapses. The reason for this collapse is the growth of performance capable 486 PC’s and the availability of newly developed low cost strong chess software for PC’s.
1997 Manfred Hegener and Ossi Weiner form the company "Millennium 2000 GmbH Hegener & Weiner" and produce the "Millennium Schachpartner 2000", sold at 99 DM.

Chess computers from the manufacturer Hegener & Glaser

Overview of the modules for the "Modular System"

Mephisto Catalogue

Mephisto Prospekt 1982 Mephisto Prospekt 1984 Mephisto Prospekt 1987
Mephisto Prospekt 1982 Seite 1.jpg
Mephisto Prospekt 1987 Seite 1.jpg
Katalog Mephisto Titelbild 1987 88.jpg
Mephisto Prospekt 1987/88 Mephisto Prospekt 1989 Mephisto Prospekt 1989/90
Mephisto Prosp 1984 1.jpg
Mephisto Prospekt 89 90.jpg
Mephisto Messeneuheiten 1990.jpg
Mephisto Messeneuheiten 1990 Mephisto Prospekt 1991/92 Mephisto Prospekt 1992 93
Mephisto Prospekt 1989.jpg
Mephisto Prospekt 1991 92.jpg
Mephisto Prospekt 1993 Mephisto Prospekt 1994 Saitek Prospekt 1998
Katalog Saitek Titelbild 1998.jpg

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