Hitachi HD44868

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The HMCS47C is the CMOS 4-bit single chip microcomputer which contains ROM, RAM, 1/0 and Timer/Counter an siegle chip. The HMCS47C is designed to perform efficient controller function as well as arithmetic function for both binary and BCD data. The CMOS technology of the HMCS47C provides the flexibility of microcomputers for battery powered and battery back-up applications.


  • 4-bit Architecture
  • 4,096 Words of Program ROM and Pattern ROM (10 bits/Word)
  • 256 Digits of Data RAM (4 bits/Digit)
  • 44 I/O Lines and 2 External Interrupt Lines
  • Timer/Counter
  • Instruction Cycle Time;
    • HMCS47C: 5µs
    • HMCS47CL: 20µs
  • All Instructions except One Instruction; Single Word and Single Cycle
  • BCD Arithmetic Instructions
  • Pattern Generation Instruction

- Table Look Up Capability -

  • Powerful Interrupt Function
    • 3 Interrupt Sources
      • External Interrupt Lines
      • Timer/ Counter
      • Multiple Interrupt Capability
  • Bit Manipulation Instructions for Both RAM and I/0
  • Option of I/O Configuration Selectable an Each Pin; With Pull up MOS or CMOS or Open Drain
  • Built-in Oscillator
  • Built-in Power-on Reset Circuit (HMCS47C only)
  • Low Operating Power Dissipation; 3.3mW typ.
  • Stand-by Mode (Halt Mode); 66 µW max.
  • CMOS Technology
  • Single Power Supply;
    • HMCS47C: 5V ±10%
    • HMCS47CL: 2.5V to 5.5V