Simple OSA Link cable

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Simple OSA-Link cable - © 2012 A. Pietig

The Scisys Leonardo and Saitek Galileo and Renaissance chess computers could be connected to a PC via an OSA-Link cable. Such a cable is needed to run the OSA-4-Arena software and other tools. This document bases on the descriptions in the “OSA-Link cable clone” document, the knowledge of this document is presumed.

Since some time special USB-to-TTL cable converters are available from different manufactures. They include a USB-RS232 interface and add a COM-interface to any computer with USB-interface, drivers are available for most modern operating systems, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) recognises the cables directly. These cables also include a RS232-TTL interface and are a complete replacement for a single USB-RS232 cable and a TTL-converter (like Pollin).