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Toshiba 4-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer TLCS-47


The TLCS-47 is the high speed and high performance, 4-bit single chip microcomputer series designed for general purpose use.

The TLCS-47 has variously powerful functions in order to meet with the advanced and complicated applications. In addition, software compatible NMOS family (TLCS-47N) and CMOS family (TLCS-47C) are also provided.


  • 4-bit, single chip microcomputer with built-in ROM, RAM, input/output port, divider, timer/counter, and serial port.
  • Memory capacity
    • ROM: Max 4,096 x 8 bits
    • RAM: Max 256 x 4 bits
  • Instruction execution time
    • NMOS family 2µs(at 4MHz clock)
    • CMOS family 4µs(at 4MHz clock)
  • Efficient instruction set
    • 90 instructions
    • Software compatible in the series
  • Subroutine nesting: Max. 15 levels
  • 6 interrupts (External: 2, Internal: 4)
    • Independently latched control and multiple interrupt control
  • Input/Output (Standard)
    • Input 1 port, 4 pins
    • Output (corresponding to PLA) 2 ports, 8 pins
    • I/O 4 ports, 16 pins
    • I/O (Note) 2 ports, 7 pins

Note: These I/o ports are also used for the interrupt input, timer/counter input, and serial port; therefore, it is programmably selectable for each application.

  • PLA data conversion function (instruction) output of data to output port (8-bit)
  • Data table look-up and table search function (instruction). Table can be set up in the whole ROM area.
  • 12-bit timer/counter (2 channels)
  • Serial port with 4-bit buffer
  • 18-stage divider (with 4-stage prescaler)
  • Built-in high output current terminals (NMOS family)
    • Typ. 20mA x 8 bits, LED direct drive is available.
  • Built-in high breakdown voltage output terminals (CMOS version)
    • Max. 42V breakdown voltage, FL tube direct drive is available.
  • Built-in LCD drive circuit (automatic display) (CMOS version).
    • LCD direct drive is available (1/4 duty LCD, Max. 12-digit display)
    • 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 duties or static LCD drive are programmably selectable.
  • Stand-by operation (NMOS/CMOS)
    • Battery back-up, battery operation and condenser back-up are available.
  • On chip oscillator
  • TTL/CMOS compatible
  • +5V single power supply


  • TMP47C200A/400A: The 47C200A/400A are high speed and high performance 4-bit single chip microcomputers, integrating ROM, RAM, input/output ports, timer/counters, and a serial interface on a chip. The 47C200A/400A are the standard type devices in the TLCS-47 CMOS series, and provides high current output capability for LED direct drive.
Part number ROM RAM
TMP47C200AN/AF 2048 x 8-bit 128 x 4-bit
TMP47C400AN/AF 4096 x 8-bit 256 x 4-bit
  • TMP47C200B/400B: The 47C200B/400B are low voltage and high speed 4-bit single chip microcomputer based on the 47C200A/400A. The other configurations and functions are same those of 47C200A/400A.
Part number ROM RAM
TMP47C200BN/BF 2048 x 8-bit 128 x 4-bit
TMP47C400BN/BF 4096 x 8-bit 256 x 4-bit
  • TMP47C220A/420A: The 47C220A/420A are high Speed and high Performance 4-bit Single chip microcomputers based an the TLCS-47 CMOS series with LCD driver.
Part number ROM RAM
TMP47C220BN/BF 2048 x 8-bit 192 x 4-bit
TMP47C420BN/BF 4096 x 8-bit 256 x 4-bit