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EAG for Arena - © 2012 A. Pietig

Fidelity Printer Simultation

In late 1980 Fidelty launched the first chess computer with an inbuilt printer port, the Chess Challenger Sensory Voice. From this time on many Fidelity computers had the same serial printer interface, like the Sensory Champion, Prestige, A/S Elite, Super 9 and Chess Challenger 12. In later models this serial interface was extended to receive data. The first computer with the bi-directional interface was the Elite Avantgarde and gave the interface its name – EAG.

The serial computer interface was able to handle a printer (Fidelity Impact Printer) and a home computer or PC with a standard terminal program. The DOS software EAGLink was sold with a cable a short time, but after the takeover of Fidelity by Mephisto the development was stopped.

The serial interface is placed at the side or back of the computer as 5-pin-DIN connector. In the ZIP file you find detailed information and a description to build your own cable.

To use all Fidelity printer compatible boards under the well known software 'Arena' (www.playwitharena.com), I have developed the following software under GPL (GNU General Public License). Other UCI (Universal Chess Interface) compliant GUIs (Graphical User Interface) can be used also.



Please report any bugs or ideas to achim@pietig.com

© 2012 A. Pietig, Detmold, Germany