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The S3C72K8 singlechip CMOS microcontroller has been designed for high performance using Samsung's newest 4-bit CPU core, SAM48 (Samsung Arrageable Microcontrollers). With a two-channel comparator, up-to-320-dot LCD direct drive capability, 8-bit timer/counter, watchdog timer and serial I/O, the S3C72K8 offers an excellent design solution for a wide variety of applications which require LCD functions.Up to 27 pins of the 80-pin QFP package can be dedicated to I/O. Seven vectored interrupts provide fast response to internal and external events. In addition, the S3C72K8's advanced CMOS technology provides for low power consumption and a wide operating voltage range.


The S3C72K8 microcontroller is also available is OTP (one time programmable) version, S3P72K8. S3P72K8 microcontroller has an one-chop 8 Kbyte one time programmable EPROM instead of masked ROM. The S3P72K8 is comparable to S3C72K8, both in function and in pin configuration.


  • Memory
    • 8 K x 8-bit RAM
    • 1,024 x 4-bit ROM
  • 27 I/O Pins
    • Input only: 4 pins
    • I/O: 15 pins
    • Output: maximum 8 pins for 1-bit level output (sharing with segment driver outputs)
  • Comparator
    • Two channel mode: internal reference (4-bit resolution)
    • One channel mode: external reference
  • LCD Controller/Driver
    • 40 segments and 8 common terminals
    • 3, 4 and 8 common selectable
    • Internal resistor circuit for LCD bias
    • All dot can be switched on/off
  • 8-Bit Basic Timer
    • 4 interval timer functions
    • Watchdog timer
  • 8-Bit Timer/Counter
    • Programmable 8-bit timer
    • External event counter
    • Arbitrary clock frequency output
    • External clock signal divider
    • Serial I/O interface clock generator
  • 8-Bit Serial I/O Interface
    • 8-bit transmit/receive mode
    • 8-bit receive only mode
    • LSB-first or MSB-first transmission selectable
    • Internal or external clock source
  • Bit Sequential Carrier
    • Support 16-bit serial data transfer in arbitrary format
  • Watch Timer
    • Timer interval generation: 0.5 s, 3.9 ms at 32,768 Hz
    • Four frequency outputs to BUZ pin
    • Clock source generation for LCD
  • Interrupts
    • Three internal vectored interrupts: INTB, INTT0, INTS
    • Four external vectored interrupts: INT0, INT1, INT4, INTK
    • Two quasi-interrupts: INT2, INTW
  • Memory-Mapped I/O Structure
    • Data memory bank 15
  • Two Power-Down Modes
    • Idle mode (only CPU clock stops)
    • Stop mode (main system oscillation stops)
    • Subsystem clock stop mode
  • Oscillation Sources
    • Crystal, ceramic, or External RC for system clock
    • Main system clock frequency: 0.4 MHz–6 MHz
    • Subsystem clock frequency: 32,768 kHz
    • CPU clock divider circuit (by 4, 8, or 64)
  • Instruction Execution Times
    • 0.67 us at 6 MHz (minimum)
    • 0.95 ms at 4.19 MHz (minimum)
    • 122 ms at 32,768 kHz (minimum)
  • Operating Temperature
    • – 40 °C to 85 °C
  • Operating Voltage Range
    • 2.0 V to 5.5 V

Package Type

    • 80-pin QFP