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'''Tips zfor creating pages'''
'''Tips for creating pages'''
* [[Schachcomputer.info:Hilfe|...you will find in the help section]]
* [[Schachcomputer.info:Hilfe|...you will find in the help section]]

Version vom 24. April 2005, 18:58 Uhr

Welcome at Schachcomputer.info-Wiki!

Bienvenue sur Schachcomputer.info-Wiki!

Willkommen in der Schachcomputer.info-Wiki!

The [schachcomputer.info] - Wiki is meant as a reference for everything dealing with Chesscomputers, created and maintained by the members of [schachcomputer.info Community] and by all other enthusiastic chesscomputer fans. Based on the well established principle of the [Wikipedia] it shall be possible for all visitors to play a part of this project. To keep it simple, just everything about the topic Chesscomputer will be a part of the pages.

Of course, such a project strongly depends on the volunteers, their ideas, their readyness for use und last but not on the desire to create the widest Encyclopidia for Chesscomputers worldwide. Therefore we set our hope on all of those, who like us, are fascinated of Chesscomputers.

How can I contribute?

You will find three main starting points:

Whoever wants to create new entries or to work on or to complete existing entries, should first refer to the above mentined overviews. Please do not forget to set the respective links in your document, otherwise it would be rather difficult for others to find again the documents. For all existing areas there are already examples, which will guide you.

Please do not hestiate to correct errors and complete missing information.

What should I take care about?

Because some of the users might still use analogue modems for their internet connections and in addition to this, our web space is somehow restricted, please try to optimize the picture size before uploading anything. The maximum picture size should not exceed 640 x 480 pixel, with a miximum file size of 50 KByte. The recommended format shall be JPG or PNG. For doing so you might use the freeware program [Irfanview], by setting the JPG quality of 60.

Chess diagrams can be created very easily with the freeware [DiagTransfer]: The diagrams can be saved as JPG as well and therefore can be also uploaded. The mean size of the diagrams is about % KByte.

And now enjoy the pages!

Tips for creating pages