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SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, March 1990

The ST8108 is a complete HCMOS microcontroller unit (MCU). The device includes an on-chip oscillator, CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O, two serial interface systems (SCI, SPI) and one TIMER. The fully static design allows frequency operation down to DC, reducing power consumption when needed.


  • HCMOS Technology.
  • 8 Bit Core & Architecture.
  • Power Saving Wait, Halt and RAM retention modes.
  • 7744 Bytes of user ROM.
  • 176 Bytes of RAM.
  • 24 Bi-Directional I/O lines.
  • 16 Bit free running counter timer featuring, one input capture system and one output compare system.
  • Serial Peripherical Interface (Synchronous).
  • Serial Communication Interface (Asynchronous).
  • External, Timer, SCI and SPI interrupts.
  • Master reset and Power on reset.
  • Single 3 to 6 Volts supply.
  • 2 Volts RAM retention mode.
  • User Mask options:
    • RC or XTAL/Ceramic oscillator option.
    • Interrupt trigger: edge or level & edge.
    • Internal clock for TIMER, SCI and SPI.
  • 40 pin DIP package.
  • 44 Lead PLCC.


  • 8 Bit data manipulation.
  • 74 basic instructions.
  • 8 by 8 unsigned multiply instructions.
  • 7 main addresssing modes (Immediate, Direct, Extended, Relative, Indexed, Indirect and Bit).
  • Development support on real time emulator, EPROM version and PC/DOS sofware (Cross Assembler, Debugger).