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Samsung 4-Bit Singlechip Controller vom Typ S3C7 mit 2K ROM und 288 a 4 Bit RAM.

General Description

The S3C7 single-chip CMOS microcontroller has been designed for high performance using Samsung's newest 4-bit CPU core, SAM47 (Samsung Arrangeable Microcontrollers). With features such as, LCD direct drive capability, 8-bit timer/counter, and watch timer, the S3C7 offers an excellent design solution for a wide variety of applications that require LCD functions.


- 288 x 4-bit RAM
- 2048 x 8-bit ROM
- 4096 x 8-bit ROM
Oscillation Sources
- Crystal, ceramic, or RC for main system clock
- Crystal or external oscillator for subsystem clock
- Main system clock frequency: 4.19 MHz (typical)
- Subsystem clock frequency: 32.768 kHz
- CPU clock divider circuit (by 4, 8, or 64)
Instruction Execution Times
- 0.95, 1.91, 15.3µs at 4.19 MHz (main)
- 122µs at 32.768 kHz (subsystem)
Operating Voltage Range
- 2.0 V to 5.5 V at 4.19 MHz
- 1.8 V to 5.5 V at 3 MHz