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Product Overview:

The SH7034 is microprocessors that integrate peripheral functions necessary for system configuration with a 32-bit internal architecture SH1-DSP CPU as its core.

The SH7034's on-chip peripheral functions include an interrupt controller, timers, serial communication interfaces, a user break controller (UBC), a bus state controller (BSC), a direct memory access controller (DMAC), and I/O ports, making it ideal for use as a microcomputer in electronic devices that require high speed together with low power consumption.

Key Features:

  • 32-bit single-chip RISC with high-performance
  • Built-in 16-bit multiplier
  • Various built-in large-capacity memory
    • ROM: 64 kB/32 kB/16 kB/ROMless
    • RAM: 8 kB/4 kB/1 kB
  • Various built-in peripheral functions
    • (16-bit timer, A/D converter, DMAC, SCI, INTC, BSC, etc)
  • Package
    • TQFP-120,QFP-112
  • Product lineup
    • 4 types (ROMless versions for the SH7034 is also available)

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