Chess King Philidor

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Chess King Philidor
Hersteller Chess King Jahr: 1987
Elo 1660 Preis 198 DM (100 €)
Programmierer Richard Lang BT-2450
Prozessor Z80 BT-2630
Prozessortyp 8 Bit Colditz
Takt 4 MHz Rechentiefe
RAM 2 KB Display -
ROM 16 KB Zugeingabe Drucksensoren
Bibliothek 2.000 Halbzüge Zugausgabe 16 Rand-LEDs
Spielstufen 12
Stromversorgung   9V Block oder Netzteil 6V DC
Verwandt CXG Chess 2001, verwendetes Programm: Cyrus

Level Infobox
30 Sek / Zug 30 Min / Partie 60 Sek / Zug 60 Min / Partie Turnier Analyse
5 - 7 - - 11
ChessKing Philidor.jpg

Infos aus der Datenbank von Hein Veldhuis:

Philidor. A conveniently sized chess computer, big enough for every occasion yet completely portable. Incorporates the strong "Cyrus" chess playing program which won the European Microcomputer Championship.

• Works from batteries or power adaptor.

• Uses magnetie pieces.

• Power-down feature allows easy resumption of unfinished games.

• Recognizes draws by repetition of position and the 50-move rule.

Zu den Spielstärkeniveaus Folgendes aus der Bedienungsanleitung:

• 12 Levels of skill:

Level 1: 2 seconds

Level 2: 5 seconds

Level 3: 10 seconds

Level 4: 20 seconds

Level 5: 30 seconds

Level 6: 45 seconds

Level 7: 1 minute and 15 seconds

Level 8: 1 minute and 45 seconds

Level 9: 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Level 10: the computer automatically adapts its rate of play to match that of opponent. It measures your average thinking time over a series of mives, tghen speeds up or sloes down as appropriate.

Level 11: Philidor recognizes no time limit, and will normally keep on thinking until you actually instruct it to play

Level 12: Problem solving level, in which the computer searches for a forced mate in 4 moves or less.

• Takeback feature allows the user to retract errors, up to as many as 40 moves ago.

• Play forward feature for stepping forward after using takeback.

• Hint feature advises the user what to play next.

• Easy to operate position setup and verify features.

• Plays more than 2,000 opening moves./

• 16K ROM

• 2K RAM

• Z80 microprocessor, 4 Mhz