Fidelity Chesster Challenger

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Fidelity Chesster Challenger
Manufacturer Fidelity Launch Year 1990
Elo 1835 Price $159
Programmer Dan & Kathe Spracklen BT-2450 1763
Processor 6502 BT-2630
Processor Type 8 Bit Colditz
Clock 5 MHz Depth of Search
RAM 8 KB Display No
ROM 32 KB + 128 KB Sprachausgabe Move Input Touch Sensory Board
Opening Book 12,000 ply Move Output 16 edge LEDs
Playing Levels 25 levels
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2.5 cm / Chessboard 20 x 20 cm / King height 5 cm
Power Supply 4 AA batteries, Adaptor = HGN 5001
Related to Fidelity Chesster Phantom , Fidelity Par Excellence , Fidelity Designer 2100
Other 200 ply takeback

Level Infobox
30 Sec / Move 30 Min / Game 60 Sek / Move 60 Min / Game Tournament Analyse/Infinite
a4 a5 a7 and a8 b1 - f8
Fidelity Chesster Challenger 2.JPG


Although the Fidelity Chesster Challenger is based on the Fidelity Designer 2100 there are a number of important differences. Firstly the clock speed is 5 MHz rather than 6 MHz. The opening book is 16,000 ply and designed for variety compared with the 28,000 ply opening book of the Fidelity Designer 2100, and the narrower optimised 16,000 ply opening book of the Fidelity Par Excellence.

Perhaps a more important difference is the Chesster's voice synthesizer chip and special speaker. Chesster has a vocabulary of over 300 words, which are combined into a large number of phrases. Pressing h1 at the start of the game will make Chesster go through the entire repetoire, which takes 10 minutes. The vocabulary is divided between Character Mode, Coach Mode, Demonstration Mode and Move Assistance Mode which are all selectable, individually or in combination. The vocabulary is the same as for the robot version, the Fidelity Chesster Phantom, with which it shares the 5 MHz clock speed and program. The German language version, the Kishon Chesster is believed to be based on the Designer 2000 running at 3.6 MHz. There is also a budget version called the Fidelity Little Chesster.

There are two circuit boards shown in the photographs below. On the left is the Chesster Challenger and on the right the Fidelity Designer 2100 Display.

© Pictures by Michael Watters

Fidelity Chesster Challenger Circuit Board
Fidelity Designer 2100 Display Circuit Board
Fidelity Chesster Challenger 1.JPG
Fidelity Chesster Challenger 3.JPG
Fidelity Chesster Challenger 5.JPG