Fidelity Chess Challenger Grandmaster Voice

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Fidelity Chess Challenger Grandmaster Voice

Picture by Michael Watters -

Hersteller Fidelity
Markteinführung 1980
CElo 1200
Programmierer Nelson, Ron
Prozessor Takt RAM ROM
Z80-A 4 MHz 1 KB 12 KB (Excluding speech ROM)
Rechentiefe BT-2450 BT-2630 Colditz
Bibliothek ~1200 Positionen
Display 4-stellige 7-Segment Anzeige
Spielstufen 10
Zugeingabe Tastatur
Zugausgabe keine Feld-LEDs
Einführungspreis 1498 DM (~750 Euro)
Prozessortyp 8 Bit
Stromversorgung 8.5V / 1.5A
Maße 57 cm x 70,5 cm x 6 cm
Verwandt Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice, Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice Advanced, Fidelity Voice Sensory Chess Challenger, Fidelity Decorator Challenger
Fidelity Chess Challenger Grandmaster Voice was produced in Germany due to the high US-Dollar at the time being, with handmade inlays for each square. Inside it has a complete Fidelity Advanced Voice Chess Challenger, which means that the hardware and ROM are exactly identical. Compared to the Fidelity Decorator Challenger, it is slightly larger and does not have wooden feet like it. Reportedly it was only marketed with German language, although due to the ease of changing the speech ROM, there may be other versions available nowadays.


CL1 - 5 seconds
CL2 - Intermediate 15 seconds
CL3 - Experienced  35 seconds
CL4 - Advanced 1 minute  20 seconds 
CL5 - Superior 2 minutes 20 seconds
CL6 - Tournament Practice 3 minutes
CL7 - Tournament Teacher  3 minutes 20 seconds
CL8 - Excellent 6 minutes
CL9 - Expert   11 minutes
CLH - Infinite (Computes move until stopped or search is exhausted - 5 seconds to many hour



YouTube Video by Vince Gum