Hanimex HCG 1700

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Hanimex Computachess III (HCG 1700)
Hersteller Hanimex Jahr: 1982(?)
Elo 1090 Preis
Programmierer Levy, David & Taylor, Mark BT-2450
Prozessor HMCS46C (Hitachi HD44840) BT-2630
Prozessortyp 4 Bit, Singlechip Colditz
Takt ≈0,6 MHz (Internal Clock with Rf=62KΩ) Rechentiefe
RAM 128 Bytes (256 x 4bits) Display
ROM ≈ 5 KB (4K x 10bits) Zugeingabe Drucksensoren
Bibliothek Halbzüge Zugausgabe 8+8 LED
Spielstufen 8
Maße 28 x 33 x 4 cm
Stromversorgung   Adapter: 9V/100mA DC (Jack 3,5mm +tip); Battery: 4x1,5V (AA type)
Verwandt CXG Computachess II
Despite the name, it's not clone of CXG Computachess III

The manual says the program is copyright White & Allcock Ltd., Hong Kong

Hanimex HCG1700.jpg
Hanimex HCG1700 03.jpg



Level Time
1 5 sec
2 10 sec
3 15 sec
4 3 min
5 4 min
6 10 min
7 12 min
8 14 min

Functions & Features

Function or Feature Description
INCORRECT MOVE Indicated by sound "beep"
LEVEL OF PLAY Can be changed in the cours of a game
REVERSE PLAY Changing sides at any time
TAKE BACK Taking back moves
SETTING UP A POSITION By a repeated use of the TAKE BACK key
CHECKING THE POSITION Using the six keys along the right-hand side of the board
MEMORY The power switch has 3 positions: OFF/ON/SAVE

Inside the Chess Computer

Pictures by Gerardo M. - Los Proyectos de Berger / Website