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About the manufacturer Saitek Ltd.

taken from a Saitek prospectus 1990
Besides the idea and design of a chess computer you need of course an established chess program in order to be successful. This is where Julio Kaplan shines together with his Saitek-Programmer-Team. He is supported by his highly qualified co-workers. In the chess world Julio Kaplan is a well known figure: 1967 Junior World Champion and since then an International Master with an ELO of 2485 - taken from a Saitek prospectus 1990

Saitek, formerly known under the name of SciSys was formed by Erich Winkler a native of Switzerland. Saitek also manufactured several chess computers for other companies such as Novag and Tandy/Radio Shack. After purchasing Hegener & Glaser (Mephisto) in 1994, Saitek became the world’s largest manufacturer of chess computers. Through cooperation and sponsorship of Garri Kasparov [[1]] which began in 1996 the additional brandname of Kasparov was added to their computers.

Saitek Timeline

  • 1978 production of their first chess computer
  • 1979 incorporation of the company SciSys (= Scientific Systems) First product manufactured = Chess Champion Super System MK III.
  • 1980 FIDE (world chess organisation) gives SciSys exclusively it’s Seal of Approval; First Bridge Computer was sold.
  • 1981 SciSys Chess Champion Mark V becomes the World Microcomputer Champion; Sales Offices are opened in London, New York and Frankfurt.
  • 1982 Junior Chess World Champion and Programmer Kaplan, Julio joins the SciSys Team.
  • 1983 a sponsorship contract is signed with the future world champion Garri Kasparov [[2]].
  • 1984 the chess computer product range is now clearly the largest sortiment available from a manufacturer in the world; established their own manufacturing plant in Hong Kong.
  • 1985 except for Germany, SciSys now has the largest market share in every country of the world with 40% - 70% in each country.
  • 1986 the product range now includes the Brandname „Kasparov“
  • 1987 SciSys is renamed to Saitek
  • 1988 SISO take control of the german distribution; New developments are the Blitzboard and LCD Chess Boards.
  • 1989 introduction of „Saitek Renaissance“ with its „Quad Lamp System“ the first of its kind in the world; the Chess Organisation Nordrhein-Westfalen gives Saitek their Seal of Approval.

Chess computers from the manufacturer Saitek

Saitek Catalogue

Saitek Prospekt 1989 Saitek Prospekt 1992 Saitek Prospekt 1993
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